Monday, July 12, 2010


Goodmorning everyone

Cape Town is absolutely freezing! I just cannot get warm!
I really got a problem.  I bought the "cheaper" Pro-Markers (Copic's is a bit expensive for me), but now it bleeds on every paper I use.  Today I will be going back to the store where I bought it , but the lady couldn't help me on Saturday.  While I was there she had a phone call about "bleeding Pro-Markers", her answer where, use paper that do not bleed!! Well, she could not assist me on which paper that will be!!!!!!!! Maybe I should not have bought it, but well, I did. Now, what to do?  Can someone help me?  I just think you cannot spend so much money and then the markers can't be used on the same paper I used for one of the Copic's I have.
I really would like to hear from you.
Best Wishes

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  1. Email Paola Levi, she may be able to advise you what to do. You can also get Copic Markers, Caio's and Sketchers cheaper from her.